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» » Oldies (50s and 60s) Hit music videos (black and white) Xvids (musicfromrizzo)

Download Oldies (50s and 60s) Hit music videos (black and white) Xvids (musicfromrizzo) extratorrent

Download torrent: Download Magnet Oldies (50s and 60s) Hit music videos (black and white) Xvids (musicfromrizzo)
Info hash 5B5A1600F0C479586AC9121C4DA40E5D9767C361
Torrent ID13980043
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Category: Music
 Seeders: 13 |  Leechers: n/a |  Completed: 425
Torrent language: English English
Total Size: 907.6 MB
Uploader: michaelrizzo Trusted Uploader Site Friend Superman Sun
Torrent added: 07-01-2019, 04:30:05
Views: 42

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704 x 576 XviD music videos from 4GB DVD folder 1500k video bitrate 160k stereo AC3 audio Oldies (50s and 60s) music videos (black and white) Xvids (musicfromrizzo) Some great memories in here, songs that should live on forever - beats the crappy music selection mindset that's been brewing on the planet for all too long now I say! Dean Martin, Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson are among my favourite men singing star picks in the lineup of videos listed below: thanks for seeding Michael Rizzo Chessman (musicfromrizzo) Brian Hyland - Sealed with a kiss (1962) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue (1957) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Cliff Richard - Living doll (1959) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Cliff Richard - The young ones (1960) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Cliff Richard - Travellin light (1959) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Cliif Richard - Love (1959) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Danny and the Juniors - Rock and roll is here to stay (1958) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Dean Martin - Memories are made of this (1956) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Dean Martin - That's Amore (1953) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Eddie Cochran - C'mon everybody (1958) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Eddie Cochran - Summertime blues (1958) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Elvis Presley - Breathless (1958) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Elvis Presley - Can't help falling in love (1961) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Elvis Presley - Don't be cruel (1956) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel (1956) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Elvis Presley - Love me (1956) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Elvis Presley - Love me tender (1956) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Elvis Presley - Too much (1957) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Patti Page - Tennessee Waltz (1950) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Paul Anka - Diana (1957) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Peggy Lee - Johnny Guitar (1955) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Ricky Nelson - A teenagers romance (1957) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Ricky Nelson - Bye bye love (1957) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Ricky Nelson - I will follow you (1963) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Ricky Nelson - It's up to you (1962) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Ricky Nelson - Lonesome town (1958) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Ricky Nelson - Travelling man (1961) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Ricky Nelson - Young world (1958) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Roy Orbison - Only the lonely (1960) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Roy Orbison - Running scared (1961) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi Sm Cooke - You send me (1957) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi The Four Tops - Reach out and I'll be there (1966) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi The Platters - Smoke gets in your eyes (1958) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi The Shadows - Apache (1960) XviD (musicfromrizzo).avi


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