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» » Al Martino - The Singles Collection 1952-1962 (2018) 2CD 320k plus bonus mini selected mp4s (musicfromrizzo)

Download Al Martino - The Singles Collection 1952-1962 (2018) 2CD 320k plus bonus mini selected mp4s (musicfromrizzo) extratorrent

Download torrent: Download Magnet Al Martino - The Singles Collection 1952-1962 (2018) 2CD 320k plus bonus mini selected mp4s (musicfromrizzo)
Info hash 4D911D4D59E8E24A327806B1D0A218F1822F2383
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Category: Music
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Al Martino - The Singles Collection 1952-1962 (2018) 2CD 320k plus bonus (musicfromrizzo) There's some lovely singing by the late Mr. Al Martino on this 2CD set we now bring you. Although many may perhaps be unfamiliar with many of the song titles here. Nonetheless, it is beautiful singing by a man with a voice uniquely so romantically inclined and with great spirit of a man who genuinely cares and loves and comes from the heart. This is not a man who feigns sincerety of affection. he is real and good. Ultimately he is the sort that makes for a magnificent endowment of men who are good and decent to women as they are in fact the best of what is masculinity that seeks to give love care and protection to those he is a part of as family ultimately on the planet I say with conviction in this regard equally I believe. We've taken the liberty of adding just a handful of youtube mp4s take are quite small in size, yet give you a glimpse of the man singing what are in my view undoubtedly songs he is best known for and best at performing too I think, without a doubt. Supreme! These extra songs (his best and some of the finest songs available I would say of any artist of similar repertoire and material) are all available in the "Al Martino Legends series Concert we gave you a day or so ago - nice enough number of takers on that supremely done concert, however I must say we expected several times as many to start, and I have to add that at this point we seem to be the only ones left seeding it from here. How sad, for such great music to be unfairly considered in real terms of merit I say. Anyway, we are seeding it and welcome you in joining in with downloading and why not even as seeding partners in this effort to promote greatest of men and our music in this affair here. We have yet another CD of his with some beautiful well known songs including some of the best, coming in the coming hours I believe. Thanks for your support grazie Michael Rizzo Chessman (musicfromrizzo) Track listings Al Martino - A Love To Call My Own (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Acque Amare (Bitter Waters) (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Because You're Mine (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Before (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Come Back To Me (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Darling I Love You (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Dearest (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Destiny (No-One Can Change) (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Don't Go To Strangers (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Exodus (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Give Me Something To Go With The Wine (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Granada (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Here Are My Arms (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Here In My Heart (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - I Cried Myself To Sleep (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - I Never Cared (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - In All This World (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - I've Never Seen (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Journey's End (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Little Boy, Little Girl (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Mama (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Melancholy Serenade (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - My Side Of The Story (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Not As A Stranger (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Now (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - On And On (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - One Lonely Night (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Our Concerto (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Pardon (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Rachel (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Say It Again, I Don't Believe It (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Say You'll Wait For Me (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Small Talk (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Some Cloud Above (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Summertime (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Sweetheart Of Mine (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Take My Heart (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - The Man From Laramie (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - The Memory of You (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - The Snowy, SnowyMountains (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - The Story Of Tina (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - This Night, I'll Remember (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - To Please My Lady (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Torna a Surriento (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Two Hearts Are Better Than One (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Wanted (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Way Paesano (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - When You're Mine (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - Why Do I Love You (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Al Martino - You Can't Go On Forever (musicfromrizzo).mp3 Mr. Al Martino (musicfromrizzo).jpg Mini mp4s Al martno best songs samples (musicfromrizzo) Al Martino - Lonely Is a Man without Love (musicfromrizzo).mp4 Al Martino - Malafemmena (musicfromrizzo).mp4 Al Martino - Speak Softly (musicfromrizzo).mp4 Al Martino - Strangers in the night (musicfromrizzo).mp4 Al Martino- Al Di La (musicfromrizzo).mp4  


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