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» » UFO Robo Grendizer [1975] [640x480] [English Subs]

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Download UFO Robo Grendizer [1975] [640x480] [English Subs] extratorrent

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Info hash 49DA8871470485A1BEEEA6FCA5A98D258BAD594D
Torrent ID13998381
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Category: Anime
 Seeders: 3 |  Leechers: 4 |  Completed: 1
Torrent language: Japanese Japanese
Total Size: 13.5 GB
Uploader: jonesjones25 Trusted Uploader Site Friend Superman Sun
Torrent added: 06-02-2019, 13:00:04
Views: 95

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UFO Robo Grendizer

Audio: Japanese
Subs: English - soft

Duke Fleed is a survivor of the Fleed Planet who is escaped to the Earth, onboard a mysterious “spaceship”, where is raised by Dr. Umon as his adoptive son, and known as Daisuke Umon. Years after his arrival, he’s faced with the threat of King Vega and his army, who want to conquer the Earth. With his friends Koji and Hikaru (and later his younger sister Maria Grace), Duke decides to fight back using his best weapon - the almighty Grendizer
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